Is Viktor Drago in Creed 3? (2024)

Is Florian Munteanu in Creed 3?

In November 2021, it was officially confirmed that Majors would appear in the film. In April 2022, it was announced that Wood Harris and Florian Munteanu would reprise their roles from previous Creed films, while Selenis Leyva, Thaddeus J. Mixson, Spence Moore II and Mila Davis-Kent joined the cast.

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Who is the fighter in Creed 3?

Boxing star Canelo Alvarez is set to appear in Creed III, director and lead actor Michael B. Jordan announced Thursday. While he has participated in many big fights, this will be the first time Alvarez appears on the big screen as an actor. "Directing the legend himself @Canelo in Creed III.

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Will Creed 3 have Rocky?

Stallone's Rocky is not expected to be a returning character in Creed 3. Speaking with IGN, Jordan explained that Rocky's influence will still be felt within the film.

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What happens to Viktor Drago?

Drago would batter Creed so badly that he died in the ring. Drago went on to be defeated by Balboa, but 33 years later he has returned to the main stage, training Viktor Drago (Ivan's son).

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Why is Rocky not in Creed 3?

In the interview, Stallone clarified that it was his decision, and his decision only, to back out from the film. He went on to reveal that he felt as though his character's story had already been flushed out and told.

Is Tony Bellew in Creed 3?

Warner Bros. Retired boxer Tony Bellew – who played 'Pretty' Ricky Conlan in Creed – has confirmed he'll be reprising the role in forthcoming sequel Creed III.

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Who was Rocky's toughest opponent?

Out of all of Rocky's opponents, Ivan Drago was the hardest-hitting opponent he ever faced. During the height of the Cold War (in film and real life), Drago came to the United States and competed against a long-retired Apollo Creed.

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Who is the villain in Creed 3?

Jonathan Majors' Creed 3 Villain Is Bianca's Brother

Tessa Thompson's Bianca has played a significant role in the first two Creed movies, as the pursuit of her music career, relationship with Adonis, and having a baby have all been given ample attention.

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Is Creed 3 coming out?

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Who is Creed 3 villain?

There is also room for Jonathan Majors' Creed 3 villain to be someone from Adonis' past. The movies have only briefly teased his upbringing and what life was like before Mary Anne found him and he began pursuing boxing.

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Is Drago in Creed 2 a real boxer?

He is known for his role of the boxer Viktor Drago in Creed 2, the son of former Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, from 1985's Rocky IV. He also portrayed Razor Fist in the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
Florian Munteanu
Years active2016–present
5 more rows

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Is Florian Munteanu a real fighter?

Making his memorable film debut in Warner Bros. Pictures' action-drama “Creed II” is real-life amateur fighter Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu as Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), the Russian boxer who killed Apollo Creed in the ring three decades earlier.

Is Viktor Drago in Creed 3? (2024)
How much did Viktor Drago weigh in Creed 2?

Munteanu kept it simple to get in shape for Creed II, too. Before prepping for the movie, he weighed in at a hefty 113 kg. As Viktor Drago, he's a slimmed-down 102. Here are his three secrets to getting ready for the silver-screen ring.

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