What is the #1 Best Place to Live in the US? (2023)

Where is the number 1 place to live in the US?

Atlanta, Georgia is the best place to live in the U.S. in 2022 because of its booming jobs market and eye on equality.

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Which US city has the best quality of life?

The U.S. Cities With The Highest Quality of Life 2022
  • San Diego, California.
  • Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Portland, Maine.
  • Reno, Nevada.
  • Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Trenton, New Jersey.
10 Aug 2022

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What is the Number 1 Best city in America?

Topping our list yet again is Charleston, South Carolina, which has been voted the best American city for 10 years straight, making it a World's Best Awards Hall of Fame honoree.

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What's the top 10 best places to live in the United states?

  • Boulder, Colorado. Boulder, Colorado is still America's #1 place to live in 2021-2022 according to U.S. News & World Report. ...
  • Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina. ...
  • Huntsville, Alabama. ...
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas. ...
  • Austin, Texas. ...
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado. ...
  • Naples, Florida. ...
  • Portland, Maine.

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What is the happiest town in the USA?

Concord is named the “happiest” city in America, according to a study by HouseFresh. The city was also named the “smiliest” in the country.
Other notable California cities' happiness scores:
  • Sacramento (59.42)
  • San Diego (56.15)
  • Fresno (48.88)
  • Long Beach (44.5)
  • San Jose (46.35)
  • Los Angeles (42.57)
21 Aug 2022

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Where is the happiest place to live in the US?

Fremont, California

Fremont, California, takes the top spot as the happiest city in the United States. It is located near Silicon Valley on the southeast side of San Francisco Bay and has a population of more than 231,000 people.

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What is the happiest and healthiest city in America?

Happiest Cities in the U.S.
Overall RankCityTotal Score
1Fremont, CA77.13
2Columbia, MD71.64
3San Francisco, CA71.15
4San Jose, CA71.00
61 more rows
1 Mar 2022

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What state has the best way of life?

Washington. Washington state has the highest quality of life in all 50 states. The state has no income tax, a thriving job market, and great international business opportunities. Residents enjoy one of the nation's longest life expectancies, likely in part of their strong healthcare system and lifestyle habits.

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What city has the best cost of living in the US?

It can be extremely expensive to live in big cities like New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. However, living in places, like Fort Wayne, Indiana, or Brownsville, Texas, can be more affordable. Fort Wayne, Indiana, was named the city with the lowest cost of living for 2022.

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What is America's prettiest city?

1. Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is by far one of the most beautiful cities in the US. Pastel-painted houses line the cobblestone streets, while colossal oak trees with Spanish moss set the scene.

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What is the cleanest city in the US?

According to our research, Long Beach is the cleanest city in the U.S. It is a strong performer across the majority of categories, with particular highlights in the 'restaurant cleanliness', 'electric vehicle market share' and 'general garbage disposal satisfaction' categories.

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What are the top 3 best states to live in?

Full Ranking of All 50 States
4 more rows
23 Aug 2022

What is the #1 Best Place to Live in the US? (2023)
What is the nicest state in America?

Best States 2021
  • #1. Washington.
  • #2. Minnesota.
  • #3. Utah.
  • #4. New Hampshire.
  • #5. Idaho.

Which part of USA is best?

22 Best Places to Visit in the United States
  1. New York. New York. ...
  2. San Francisco. San Francisco. ...
  3. The Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon | Photo Copyright: Lana Law. ...
  4. Houston. Houston from Buffalo Bayou Park | Photo Copyright: Lana Law. ...
  5. Las Vegas. Las Vegas. ...
  6. Waikiki. Waikiki. ...
  7. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. ...
  8. Miami. Miami.
30 Mar 2022

What is the most relaxing city in the US?

City Rankings
OVERALL RANKCityPhysical Health Rank
1Sunnyvale, CA1
2Arlington, VA6
3San Francisco, CA21
4Bellevue, WA2
42 more rows
20 Apr 2021

What are the top five happiest states?

According to WalletHub, the 10 happiest states in America in 2022 were:
  • Hawaii, which scored 66.31.
  • Maryland, which scored 62.6.
  • Minnesota, which scored 62.43.
  • Utah, which scored 62.41.
  • New Jersey, which scored 61.71.
  • Idaho, which scored 61.6.
  • California, which scored 59.97.
  • Illinois, which scored 58.59.
22 Sept 2022

Where do the most happy people live?

World's happiest nation is Nordic

For the fifth year in a row, Finland is the world's happiest country, according to World Happiness Report rankings based largely on life evaluations from the Gallup World Poll.

What is the nicest place on earth to live?

  • Sweden. #1 in Quality of Life. #5 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Denmark. #2 in Quality of Life. #10 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Canada. #3 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Switzerland. #4 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Norway. #5 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Finland. #6 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Germany. #7 in Quality of Life. ...
  • Netherlands. #8 in Quality of Life.

What is the unhealthiest city in America?

Laredo, Texas, has the lowest cost per doctor's visit, $56.00, which is 3.9 times less expensive than in Juneau, Alaska, the city with the highest at $219.00.
2022's Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in America – WalletHub Study.
Healthiest CitiesUnhealthiest Cities
1. San Francisco, CA173. Montgomery, AL
2. Seattle, WA174. Columbus, GA
3. San Diego, CA175. Augusta, GA
7 more rows
4 Apr 2022

Where do the healthiest Americans live?

These are the 10 healthiest communities in the U.S.—and none of them are New York or LA
  • Los Alamos County, New Mexico.
  • Falls Church, Virginia.
  • Douglas County, Colorado.
  • Morgan County, Utah.
  • Carver County, Minnesota.
  • Sioux County, Iowa.
  • Ozaukee County, Wisconsin.
  • Hamilton County, Indiana.
17 Jul 2022

Where do the healthiest people live in USA?

Healthiest Places to Live in the U.S.
Overall RankCityTotal Score
1San Francisco, CA68.54
2Seattle, WA66.08
3San Diego, CA64.94
4Portland, OR64.69
55 more rows
4 Apr 2022

Which state in USA is safest?

Vermont is the safest state in the United States, according to a new report from WalletHub. The ranking is based on 53 different indicators ranging from unemployment rates to assaults per capita. Vermont is followed by Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, and Hawaii, respectively.

What is the hardest state to live in?

What are the 10 worst states to live in 2022?
  • Indiana. USAT. ...
  • New Mexico. USAT. ...
  • Louisiana. USAT. ...
  • Missouri. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) ...
  • South Carolina. USAT. ...
  • Oklahoma. USAT. ...
  • Texas. (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images) ...
  • Arizona. USAT. Life, Health Exclusion Score: 67 out of 325 points, Grade F.
22 Sept 2022

What state is most affordable?

Take a look at the 10 cheapest states to live in for 2022.
  1. Mississippi. Coming in as the cheapest state to live in in the United States is Mississippi with a cost of living index score of 83.3. ...
  2. Kansas. ...
  3. Alabama. ...
  4. Oklahoma. ...
  5. Georgia. ...
  6. Tennessee. ...
  7. Missouri. ...
  8. Iowa.
1 Nov 2022

What is the cheapest and safest city to live in?

Augusta, a small city near Georgia's border with South Carolina, is one of the cheapest and safest places to live in the USA. It has a low crime rate and a low cost of living, making it perfect for those looking to live comfortably and save money.

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