What major city has the lowest cost of living? (2023)

What is the cheapest and safest city to live in?

Augusta, a small city near Georgia's border with South Carolina, is one of the cheapest and safest places to live in the USA. It has a low crime rate and a low cost of living, making it perfect for those looking to live comfortably and save money.

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What is the cheapest big city in America?

The 10 most affordable cities in the US
  • El Paso, Texas. City population: 679,813. ...
  • Wichita, Kansas. City population: 389,877. ...
  • Lexington, Kentucky. City population: 323,152. ...
  • Little Rock, Arkansas. City population: 197,958. ...
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma. City population: 402,324. ...
  • Memphis, Tennessee. ...
  • Knoxville, Tennessee. ...
  • Austin, Texas.
1 Feb 2022

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What is the #1 Best place to Live in the US?

Its 2022 ranking for the best places to live looked at five metrics: job market, value, quality of life, desirability, and net migration. The best place to live in America is Huntsville, Alabama, followed by Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Where is the nicest affordable place to live?

Here are the top 10 cheapest places to live; you can access the full list here.
  • Brownsville, Texas.
  • South Bend, Indiana.
  • Dayton, Ohio.
  • Toledo, Ohio.
  • Evansville, Indiana.
  • Buffalo, New York.
  • Beaumont, Texas.
  • Akron, Ohio.
28 Jul 2022

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Which US city is not expensive to live?

Take a look at our list of American cities with the lowest costs of living. Is one of the cheapest cities in the U.S. right for you?
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • Topeka, Kansas. ...
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana. ...
  • Mobile, Alabama. ...
  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa. ...
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma. ...
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana. ...
28 Oct 2022

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What city has most affordable housing in us?

1. Detroit, Michigan
Median home listing price in 2020$59,000
Median real estate taxes$1,268
Average state income tax4.25%
Monthly utilities$290
Annual food cost$8,277
2 more rows
13 Oct 2022

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Where is the cheapest place to live American money?

Here are the top 10 most affordable cities to live in the U.S., according to the Council for Community and Economic Research's Cost of Living report.
  • Cedar Park, Texas.
  • Midland, Texas.
  • Ogden, Utah.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Provo, Utah.
  • Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Austin, Texas.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota.
28 Jul 2021

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What is the happiest city to live in the US?

Concord is named the “happiest” city in America, according to a study by HouseFresh. The city was also named the “smiliest” in the country. For both categories, San Francisco cracked the top 20 with a ranking of 15th.

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Where should I move to start over?

Fresh Start: 10 Best Cities to Move to Start a New Life
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anyone looking for a fresh start will find a kindred spirit in Pittsburgh itself. ...
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. ...
  • Salt Lake City, Utah. ...
  • Jacksonville, Florida. ...
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. ...
  • Cleveland, Ohio. ...
  • Denver, Colorado. ...
  • Nashville, Tennessee.
7 Jan 2022

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What is the best state to live in financially?

Researchers at the personal finance publication ranked the 50 states based on scores in five categories: affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety. Massachusetts topped 2022's list, touting a score of 62.65 out of 100. New Jersey came in second, dropping from the top spot last year.

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What state is most affordable?

Take a look at the 10 cheapest states to live in for 2022.
  1. Mississippi. Coming in as the cheapest state to live in in the United States is Mississippi with a cost of living index score of 83.3. ...
  2. Kansas. ...
  3. Alabama. ...
  4. Oklahoma. ...
  5. Georgia. ...
  6. Tennessee. ...
  7. Missouri. ...
  8. Iowa.
1 Nov 2022

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What is the cheapest place to live on earth?

Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live In (Global average = 100) - Global Economy
  • Sudan - 38.29.
  • Kyrgyzstan - 40.38.
  • Azerbaijan - 40.56.
  • Burma - 41.08.
  • Sierra Leone - 41.32.
  • Nepal - 41.85.
  • India - 42.86.
  • Tajikistan - 43.51.

What major city has the lowest cost of living? (2023)
Where is the cheapest warmest place to live?

10 Places With Perfect Climate & Low Living Costs
  • Mexico. Like any country, some parts of Mexico are nicer and safer than others. ...
  • Panama. Just a bit further south is Panama. ...
  • Ecuador. Situated on the equator, Ecuador is a top pick if you really desire warm weather.
  • Colombia. ...
  • Costa Rica. ...
  • Malaysia. ...
  • Spain. ...
  • Nicaragua.

What is the absolute cheapest state to live in?

Here is a list of the 10 cheaper states to live in the U.S. in 2022:
  • Mississippi (84.9)
  • Oklahoma (85.7)
  • Kansas (86.4)
  • Alabama (87.5)
  • Georgia (87.8)
  • West Virginia (88.5)
  • Missouri (88.6)
  • Indiana (88.9)
20 Oct 2022

What is America's least affordable city?

1. Miami
  • Median household income: $44,581.
  • Median home price: $610,000.
  • Share of income: 87.39%
16 Aug 2022

Where can I live like a king for cheap?

For those not yet looking to retire, they make good vacation getaways as well:
  • Cuenca, Ecuador. ...
  • Coronado, Panama. ...
  • San José, Costa Rica. ...
  • Koh Samui, Thailand. ...
  • Vienna, Austria. ...
  • Capetown, South Africa. ...
  • Merida, Mexico. ...
  • Montevideo, Uruguay.
30 Jul 2022

How can I live very cheaply?

Here are 15 frugal tips to look like you're living large without overspending.
  1. Eliminate monthly subscriptions.
  2. Shop for new insurance.
  3. Reduce prescription costs.
  4. Buy used items.
  5. Rent, don't own.
  6. Purchase at the right time.
  7. Buy high-quality products.
  8. Enlist your friends.

Where is the safest and cheapest place to live in the world?

You can find the cheapest countries in the world. You can find the safest countries to live in. But if you want both, Eastern Europe (Georgia, Serbia, Belarus, Armenia) is a great place to start. If you know what you're doing in Asia, places like Taiwan and Malaysia are also very safe and reasonably affordable.

What is the safest and nicest place to live?

Safest Cities In America
  1. Glens Falls, New York. The Glens Falls MSA includes Warren and Washington counties. ...
  2. Midland, Michigan. ...
  3. State College, Pennsylvania. ...
  4. The Villages, Florida. ...
  5. 5. Logan, Utah. ...
  6. Wausau, Wisconsin. ...
  7. Cambridge, Massachusetts. ...
  8. Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
25 Aug 2022

Where is the safest most peaceful place to live?


What is the best state to live in with the lowest cost of living?


Coming in as the cheapest state to live in in the United States is Mississippi with a cost of living index score of 83.3. It also has the lowest average housing costs in the nation at 33.7% below the national average. The median single family home costs around $140,818.

What's the number 1 safest place to live?

Safest Cities in the U.S.
Overall Rank*CityTotal Score
1Columbia, MD85.99
2Nashua, NH84.44
3Laredo, TX83.96
4Portland, ME83.49
65 more rows
10 Oct 2022

Which state in USA is safest?

Vermont is the safest state in the United States, according to a new report from WalletHub. The ranking is based on 53 different indicators ranging from unemployment rates to assaults per capita. Vermont is followed by Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, and Hawaii, respectively.

What is the #1 best place to live?

Atlanta, Georgia is the best place to live in the U.S. in 2022 because of its booming jobs market and eye on equality.

What city in the US has the most crime?

Crime rates in the most dangerous metro areas
2022 rankMetro areaPopulation
1Memphis, TN-MS-AR1,348,509
2Anchorage, AK305,257
3Albuquerque, NM923,729
4Lubbock, TX324,679
7 more rows
19 Oct 2022

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