Where can i buy finger limes nz? (2023)

Can you buy finger limes in NZ?

“They do grow well in larger containers and make an unusual fruiting tree for the patio,” says Neville Chun, who has been selling Australian finger limes in New Zealand for the past five years or so.

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Where can finger limes be found?

Finger limes occur naturally along the east coast of Australia around the New South Wales and Queensland border, from the Richmond River in New South Wales to Mount Tamborine in Queensland.

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Are finger limes in season?

The finger limes will be anywhere from 1.5 inches – 2 inches long, and 0.3 inches – 0.5 inches in diameter. When is the finger lime season? The finger lime season starts mid-July and runs until late December early January.

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What is the best variety of finger lime?

Red Champagne is the most popular variety of finger lime. With a mild and subtle taste, it's eating quality are quite versatile and it can also be eaten fresh. Cooler climate will bring more color to the fruit. The plant is of medium vigor and with a well developed dense canopy.

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Are finger limes hard to grow?

Often referred to as 'finger limes', they're easy to grow and Angus shows us now to get the best from different varieties. While Australia has six species of native citrus - without a doubt the most popular and cultivated is the Australian Finger Lime (Citrus australasica).

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Do finger limes grow in pots?

Finger limes grow well in either the ground or a large container and can be treated in much the same manner that you would treat traditional lemons, limes and other citrus. This means positioning them in a sunny or lightly shaded spot where it's protected from heavy frost and strong winds.

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What did the aboriginals use finger lime for?

The small fruits were originally used by Indigenous tribes as a food source; the limes were foraged in tropical jungles for their tangy pulp. The pearls were also used for medicinal purposes to ward off sickness and were applied topically as an antiseptic.

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Are finger limes good for you?

Health Benefits

Bursting with zesty flavour, Finger Limes are rich in folate, potassium and Vitamin E. Each Finger Lime contains three times the Vitamin C found in a mandarin. The level of Vitamin E is exceptionally high in the pink Finger Lime.

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Can you eat the skin of finger limes?

“I use finger limes as a garnish over the top of cooked squid, and as the main ingredient in a citrus tart with finger limes and green ants. I also cook wild lime marmalade and use the whole fruit, including the skin. “You can really use finger limes in so many different ways.

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How much are finger limes per kilo?

Pricing. The Finger Lime harvesting season is December to June during which time, import restrictions permitting, fresh finger limes are supplied. The base price per kilo (ex costs) varies from AUD $25 to AUD $40 depending on the variety (colour) and seasonality.

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Do you keep finger limes in the fridge?

Like any other citrus fruit, store finger limes in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic for a couple of weeks. If you don't have any luck finding them locally, you can always order them online.

What is the Aboriginal name for finger lime?

Aboriginal name(s):

Gulalung (Bundjalung)

Where can i buy finger limes nz? (2023)
How long does a finger lime tree take to grow?

Finger limes can be grown from seed, cuttings or grafting. They are slow growing and if grown from seed may take up to 15 years to mature. It is important to use fresh seeds.

How long does it take for finger limes to fruit?

Grafted finger lime trees begin fruiting in year three but larger quantities of fruit are not normally obtained until year six, when trees are classed as 'bearing'. Seedling trees can take up to 15 years to produce fruit, depending on cultivar.

Do different color finger limes taste different?

Finger lime varieties

Crystal: green skin with light green vesicles, bursting with flavour. Crimson tide: dark brown skin with large red vesicles, sweet flavour. Chartreuse: light green skin with yellow vesicles, bitter flavour. Red champagne: red skin with red vesicles, sweet flavour.

How often should you water finger limes?

Water regularly after planting. Once established, water once or twice a week, or more during hot dry weather. Water thoroughly when flowering and fruiting, and top up the mulch as needed to help conserve soil moisture. Feed once every three months with a complete citrus fertiliser.

Are finger limes self pollinating?

Australian Finger Lime Tree Pollination

Australian Finger Lime Trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant.

What do you feed finger limes?

Lightly feed your Finger Lime tree with an all purpose flower/fruit fertiliser (NPK blend) that has a high Potassium (K) rating. Ideally, your fertiliser should contain trace elements of Zinc which all citrus desperately need after the cold months. Zince also helps combat any winter yellowing of the leaves.

How do you grow finger limes in NZ?

Planting Australian finger lime
  1. They need full sun to bear fruit.
  2. They like well drained soil.
  3. Keep them out of the wind.
  4. Occasional light frost is possible but not wished for.
  5. Being crowded by other trees or plants with developed root systems like banana trees hinders their growth.

Can you grow finger limes from seed?

Propagation. Finger limes can be grown from seed, cuttings or grafting. They are slow growing and if grown from seed may take up to 15 years to mature. It is important to use fresh seeds.

What is a finger lime tree?

Finger lime trees are a moderate sized fruit tree that can grow beyond 10 feet but typically stay around 8 feet due to being container grown or pruned and 4-5 feet wide. Even when pruned, these trees can still produce fruit.

What can I do with caviar limes?

Try caviar lime in any recipe where a squeeze of fresh citrus flavor is needed. Top your avocado toast with bright and crunchy caviar pearls, enjoy them in salads, salsas, dressings, over fresh seafood, refreshing drinks, desserts and sweets.

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