Where can i find herman zizendorf in rdr2? (2024)

Where can i find herman zizendorf in rdr2?

Herman Zizendorf
  • Nationality. German.
  • Gender. Male.
  • Location. Town of Blackwater in Great Plains, West Elizabeth.
  • Occupation. Thief.

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What is the mysterious writing in Blackwater?

Ayauhtéotl is the name of the Aztec Godess/force/supreme being that caused the plauge of the original Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare to occur, and "Blessed are the Peacemakers" is what is written on John Marston's grave at the end of the original game.

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How many bounties are in Blackwater?

All fourteen bounties have very defined personalities.

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Where can I find Ellie Anne Swan in rdr2?

Ellie Anne Swan is located a little southwest of where Cumberland Falls is marked on your map. She will be on the western bank of the river there, arguing with her current boyfriend. Approach them to have Ellie try to send her boy toy after you, but if you don't do anything, he won't do anything either.

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Where is Lindsey Wofford rdr2?

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

He can be found at Fort Brennand, an abandoned military fort containing a large number of Lemoyne Raiders. Once arriving at the fort, the player calls out for Wofford, at which point he and his men will charge out to kill him.

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Where is the vampire RDR2?

Denis Cathedral. Head through the stone archeway across from the south wall of the Cathedral, then through the other arch at the opposite end of the courtyard to find the "vampire" feasting on a corpse. Note that you can only find the creature here between the hours of 12:00 and 01:00AM.

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Who is the lady in Undead Nightmare?


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Can you free Mark Johnson?

During Johnson's hanging, the player can either watch him hang or kill the lawmen and save his life. If he is saved, Johnson says to the player that he doesn't understand his reasons for doing such a thing but forgives him nonetheless. If the player does this, they will lose Honor; allowing him to hang will not do so.

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Can Arthur go to Blackwater?

What Happens If Arthur Goes To Blackwater Early To Find ... - YouTube

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How do I get rid of a bounty without paying?

rdr2 get rid of bounty without paying - YouTube

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Where are all the mysterious writings rdr2?

  • The first one is on the southeastern side of the general store. ...
  • The second is in the alleyway east of "Fontana Theatre". ...
  • The third is in the alleyway behind the gunsmith, slightly northwest of clue #2. ...
  • The fourth is in a storage area southwest of the trapper.

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Where is Elias green?

Like Otis Skinner, Elias Green is buried in the cemetery located on the outskirts of Blackwater.

Where can i find herman zizendorf in rdr2? (2024)
Where is the Blackwater athletics team?

Trivia. The deceased members of the athletics team, identifiable by their uniforms, can be found in a mass grave in Tall Trees just south of the second "L" in Tall Trees on the map.

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