Who's playing in Creed 3? (2023)

Who is the opponent in Creed 3?

“Lovecraft Country” star Jonathan Majors joined the franchise as Creed's latest opponent, and it sounds like he pushed his body to the limit for the film. Majors recently spoke to Variety about the “Creed III” shoot, noting that he spent over a year working out in preparation for the role.

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Who is Clubber Lang Son in Creed 3?

Jordan Endorses Deontay Wilder as Clubber Lang's Son in 'Creed 3'

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Why Rocky is not in Creed 3?

In the interview, Stallone clarified that it was his decision, and his decision only, to back out from the film. He went on to reveal that he felt as though his character's story had already been flushed out and told.

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Is Sylvester Stallone in Creed III?

While Stallone will not feature in the movie itself, meaning of course that Rocky will be entirely absent from Creed 3, the Hollywood icon is still on board as a producer.

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Is Drago in Creed 3?

Florian Munteanu starred as Viktor Drago and is expected to return in the upcoming Creed III. Creed III has already been pushed back from its November release date and is now expected to debut in March next year.

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Who was Rocky's toughest opponent?

Out of all of Rocky's opponents, Ivan Drago was the hardest-hitting opponent he ever faced. During the height of the Cold War (in film and real life), Drago came to the United States and competed against a long-retired Apollo Creed.

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Who would win between Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago?

Drago is knocked out in the 15th and final round. It is only Rocky's mental toughness and incredible heart that allow him to finally defeat the massive Drago. Also, take into account the size difference. Drago's height and reach advantage would destroy Clubber Lang.

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Did Clubber Lang get a rematch?

The rematch with Clubber Lang at the end of this film is the last time in the series Rocky fights for the title. In Rocky IV, the end fight with Ivan Drago is not sanctioned by the American boxing board (a fact that is confirmed by a commentator before the fight).

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What happened to Ivan Drago after he lost?

After his loss to Rocky, Drago was disgraced by the USSR and Ludmilla left him to raise their son, Viktor, on his own. Following the end of the Cold War, Drago was forced to move to Ukraine, where he lived a modest life while relentlessly training Viktor to be an even more formidable boxer than he was.

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Is Tony Bellew in Creed 3?

Warner Bros. Retired boxer Tony Bellew – who played 'Pretty' Ricky Conlan in Creed – has confirmed he'll be reprising the role in forthcoming sequel Creed III.

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What is the story in Creed 3?

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Is Canelo in Creed 3?

His latest venture will see him make an appearance on the silver screen in Creed III. The film's director and lead actor, Michael B. Jordan, announced the news ahead of the weekend's bout, sharing a series of pictures of him and Álvarez on set.

Who's playing in Creed 3? (2023)
Will Creed 3 have Rocky?

Stallone's Rocky is not expected to be a returning character in Creed 3. Speaking with IGN, Jordan explained that Rocky's influence will still be felt within the film.

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